Learn colors and shapes for kids

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  • Have fun with learning shapes and colors
  • For children of age 2 and up
  • This app is designed for kids to master 12 colors and 10 basic shapes
  • Kids will enjoy playing with shapes and listening to mini story with 12 different characters to talk about colors
  • Kids can use their imagination to create different objects e.g. snowman, truck, face, people etc.
  • The app is in 2 languages: English and Lao
  • The app is designed to enhance the following skills:
    • Concentration
    • Creativity
    • Vocabulary
    • Recognition of basic shapes and colors

Part I:  Learning shapes

  • 12 basic colors including black, brown, blue, gold, green, grey, orange, pink, purple, red, white and yellow
  • 10 shapes including circle, diamond, heart, hexagon, oval, rectangle, crescent, square, star, triangle
  • Each shape can be dragged, resized, rotated and deleted. You can drag shape anywhere on the white board and fill with 12 colors.

Part II: Learning colors

  • Learning colors with these 12 fun animal and fruit characters including owl, frog, mouse, rabbit, pig, elephant, bat, banana, bumblebee, Ollie orange, eggplant, and tomato.
  • Every animation can be dragged anywhere on the screen

 Each animal and fruit character narrates mini stories about particular colors:

  1. Frog presents green and narrates a story about green color
  2. Owl presents blue and narrates a story about blue color
  3. Banana presents yellow and narrates a story about yellow color
  4. Mouse presents blown and narrates a story about blown color
  5. Bat present black and narrates a story about black color
  6. Rabbit presents white and narrates a story about white color
  7. Tomato presents red and narrates a story about red color
  8. Eggplant presents purple and narrates a story about purple color
  9. Pig presents pink and narrates a story about pink color
  10. Ollie orange present orange and narrates a story about orange color
  11. Elephant present grey and narrates a story about grey color
  12. Bumblebee presents golden and narrates a story about golden color

Note: for parents: Please share with us screenshots of pictures your children create using this App.  It can be anything made of shapes. We will keep them as a gallery on the site.  You can send your screenshots via my e-mail: info@appforlao.com


Tips: Questions and answers

Q: How to play with shapes?
A: First, choose any shape on the menu bar. Second, tap any shape on the white board to activate.  When the shape is activated, you will see 3 green circle icons around a shape, which correspond to delete, rotate and resize.  Then you can drag your shape anywhere.

Q: How to fill colors with shapes?
A: First, activate a shape, then choose colors on the menu.

Q: How to delete shape?
A: Tap on a shape on the white board and hit delete with green cross button.

Q: How to resize shape to make it smaller or bigger?
A: Tap on a shape on the white board and hold the green round button, then drag to make it big or small as you wish.

Q: How to rotate shape?
A: Tap on a shape on the white board and hold the green arrows, then rotate it any angle you wish.

Q: How to activate shape?
A: Tap on a shape one time.

Q: How to deactivate shape
A: First, tap on a shape to activate, then tap once more to deactivate.

Q: How to move shape?
A: Hold a shape and drag it anywhere on the white board.

Q: How to clear all shapes on the white board?
A: Click reset button, it will clear all shapes on the white board. Make sure you really want to delete all your work.

Q: How to play background music?
A: Click settings button, there are 3 options to chose from.

Q: If there is no sound?
A: If you cannot hear the sound after installing, you have to TURN ON the ringer silent button!!! (You can find the mute switch and volume button on the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch.)

This app is not recommended to be used on old models of iPhone2/iPod Touch2 devices.

+ If you need help?
+ Contact us 24/7 with any questions or comments:
+ Email: info@appforlao.com

Thank you again.

Here are example of using shapes to build any objects like fish, butterfly, caterpillar, elephant, rocket, telephone etc.,

screenshot filipino color&shape_ipad_02

screenshot color&shape_ipad_01screenshot color&shape_ipad_03 screenshot color&shape_ipad_02screenshot color&shape_ipad_04screenshot color&shape_ipad_05