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  • The Lao Alphabet is the first education App in Laos for iOS & Android devices.
  • It is great app for education.
  • Promotes effective and fun learning for toddlers, children and adults.
  • Enables you to learn and practice the basics of Lao language in a friendly and intuitive way.
  • Interactive format with action and sounds will keep children interested and engaged while they learn.
  • The Lao language is known for its complex tonal system.  With this App you will master hearing, pronouncing and distinguishing the tones and sounds easily.
  • Choose from four voices: man, woman, boy and girl.
  • Feel easy, simple to navigate interface and great educational value
  • The App contains:
  • 27 consonants and sounds
  • 6 compound consonants and sounds
  • 28 vowels and sounds
  • 4 special vowels and sounds
  • 4 tone marks and sounds
  • 27 gift boxes with surprise rewards
  • Three words are provided for each letter and sound, complete with animated images and pronunciation.
  • Interface is simple and easy for even a small child to navigate.
  • As a result of using this App, Lao children will learn the alphabet quickly and at a young age.
  • Foreigners and students of Lao language will get first-hand experience with the original sounds and practical way of learning Lao.
  • More Apps to follow shortly, that build on the alphabet skills and promote writing and reading in Lao, and much more.
  • Ideal for an engaging, educational, visually and audibly exciting experience.  Just turn up the volume and have a wonderful learning journey!

We thank you for your interest and support.  As parents, we believe that education is the best investment in the future of our children. This App was designed specifically keeping in mind what children like and how they learn.

*** Note: If there is no sound?

If you cannot hear the sound after installing, you have to TURN ON the ringer silent button!!! (You can find the mute switch and volume button at the side of your iPad/iPhone/iPod touch)

For Android devices: Click on settings on app, choose one of four voices and click OK. Sound is back.

Not recommended for old iPhone2/iPod Touch2 devices

+ If you need help?
+ Email: info@appforlao.com

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