English Press Release for Lao Alphabet, Vientiane Times Newspaper on May 09, 2013


Lao Alphabet App is now available to download for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch!!!

This new application helps your children learn the Lao alphabet and sounds in a highly effective and enjoyable manner.  It also caters to the needs of foreign students and anyone who wishes to learn the Lao language.

Vientiane, Laos – May 09, 2013 – Parents who would like to teach Lao to their children now have the Lao Alphabet App created by Appforlao.com for doing it the fun and easy way.  This especially developed application has all the ingredients to excite your children who will know and recognize the appearance and pronunciation of each Lao letter alone and in select words.  The integrated sounds, music, graphics and animations provide both the teaching aids and the incentives for learning.

The Lao Alphabet App serves as a high utility tool designed to teach the Lao language to children and enthusiastic foreigners.  Knowing the alphabet as well as other basic language and counting skills at a tender age lays the foundation for children to learn faster and possess better skills when they go up in the academic ladder.  The Appforlao.com is indeed proud to present this first of the kind educational application in the Lao language for iPhone, iPad and iPod touchdevices catering to the needs of audiences in Laos and abroad.

The Lao Alphabet App comes with an intuitive interface simple enough for children to operate, which promotes engagement and self-learning.  The interactive format rich in visuals and sounds will enable them learn the Lao vowels and consonants, and master the phonetics involved in hearing, interpreting and pronouncing the sounds delivered in four voices.  At a time when importance is increasingly given to global languages, children may be drawn away from properly learning their own native language, especially if direct exposure or relevant technological tools are lacking.  But this application aims to sustain the learning and interest in the Lao language for children and adults alike.

This can be recommended for foreigners who have interest in the Lao language and culture. The Appforlao.com is striving to bring out more applications for basic and more advanced learning of Lao, including writing, reading, counting and other skills.  We are specialized in developing state-of-the-art applications which are highly innovative and suitable to modern ways of learning.

Visit us at http://www.appforlao.com/ to download the Lao Alphabet App and learn more about our new plans. We are also on https://www.facebook.com/appforlao and https://twitter.com/appforlao. Watch demonstration of the Lao Alphabet App on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com